About Me

My Ikigai is to: Inspire. Connect. Influence. Analyze. Evolve. Stay curious.

Problem Solving

Personalized courses, training, and workshops. Curriculum and syllabus design. Needs and language analysis.

Ideas & Concepts

Design thinking in education. Gamification and storytelling. Blended learning and technology. Authentic materials. DOGME approach.


Implementing cognitive neuroscience, science of learning and teaching, neurobiology, and psychology in education.

Plan Design

Assessment and evaluation. Objectives and solutions. Feedback. Reports.

Brain and Science Geek

Cognitive neuroscience student, neurobiology and neuropsychology researcher. 

Mindfulness In Education

Meditation practitioner, enthusiast, and explorer.

Material Writer

Authentic materials lover and designer. 

Continuing Professional Development

DELTA-qualified teacher and certified teacher trainer. 


I am a huge fan of lessons with you. Why? I consider you the best teacher I’ve had (and there were several in the past, some talented, some unfortunately not so good). They were native speakers and Polish teachers, and all of them had their own teaching methods. I see that you are a linguist and I like it very much. To my analytical personality, this discussion of language (grammar, pronunciation, intonation, culture) is honey to my heart. I see that you are very well prepared for each lesson. Your choice of materials is wide. You are open to students’ expectations. I value you for your knowledge, commitment, culture, warmth, positive energy, and total support when doubts overwhelm me about whether I can do it.

Nika Mrożek
CFO/BA, Brave New, Ph.D., writer&traveller

I have to say that I love the way that you lead our sessions. I feel they are personalized and depend on my needs, subject can be changed to fit, for instance, my upcoming presentation.  I love that you are super flexible and adjust to my needs. I am a huge fan of science and learning methods backed by science so whenever I hear that you prefer to use this method over that I am super excited! I also feel that you answer my questions with all the details that I need or even more.

IT Specialist

You have your own teaching style: you keep always a good rhythm and especially you can create an appropriate emotional atmosphere which helps to better absorb the material. Always well prepared, organized, and patient. You are very initiated in new topics and have a really deep interest in the students. You can answer and explain all grammatical questions. In conclusion,  you are better than a native speaker!

Senior Scientist
Years of Experience
Working Hours
In Company Training

Public Speaking Trainer.

By education and true passion, I am also a dancer. Through conscious movement and intuitive dance with elements of yoga in motion, I help others find their space in the body. Implementing this knowledge and 10 years of theatrical-acting experience I tailor public speaking training. I have been gaining experience continuously for almost 10 years, working as a host, presenter, and master of ceremonies at Polish and international business and government events.