📚 As I’m currently studying cognitive neuroscience, I have to admit that for quite some time, my dream was to incorporate its findings into global educational settings. Science can support and be the backbone of education, helping learners, parents, and educators.

💡 By connecting neuroscience basics, educational psychology, neurodiversity, brain health and well-being, brain disorders and education, and brain-based teaching strategies, I ended up creating the one and only SIG Neuro-Science In Education.

💥 A powerful sense of mission underpins everything educators do. It is my great honor to collaborate with like-minded edupreneurs like Mohammad Nabil and, for the sake of the upcoming webinar (which is definitely not our last collaboration!), with Anna Karwowska.

Join us!

Join us semi-free to learn about dyslexia, the science behind it, and solutions to stop being afraid of it. Semi-free because the only investment you make is your time and effort to continue your development.

https://elmohafez.zoom.us/j/2324324188 Passscode: 123456

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