Who am I

Business English language teacher and coach. English for Specific Purposes. English for IT, entrepreneurs, management and medicine. Teacher trainer. A true believer in C – that education is change, community, creative process, collaboration, communication, curiosity, cognition, cultural diversity, and continuous development. 


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Variety of authentic topics and ways of presenting them, you inspired me to know something more about all of them!

HR, Payroll and Finance Business Partner

I am full of admiration for your methods and teaching techniques used during language classes. They are diverse and definitely engage all participants. As a teacher, I know how much time and energy it takes to prepare for classes and the skill required to tailor the methods to the varied potential of group members. You were always well-prepared and responsive to our current needs.

M.A. in Arts, Polish Language Teacher

Blanca’s immense knowledge and professional approach significantly elevated my level of English. The classes are interesting, stress-free, and at the same time, demanding. For the first time, I encountered a teacher who has such immense dedication to teaching us English, to convey as much as possible to me.

PR Specialist, Artist, Entrepreneur

Neuro-Science In Education

Incorporating science, cognitive neuroscience, neurobiology, neuropsychology, and science of learning in educational processes.